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i2 Browser

browser that pays you


For Windows 7 and later

i2 browser

Get ads under control

i2 Plugin

i2 is a new Web Browser, which pays users for browsing the web. i2 analyses every opened web page and blocks all the ads on it. In it’s place it displays a small number of advertisements that are known to match user’s interests. A share of the revenue generated by displayed ads goes directly to the user. Simple as that. You browse. We pay.
You don’t need to do anything to get free cash - just the normal activities that you do online every day.

Discover 3 modes of i2.

How i2 browser works.

  • 1

    i2 detects all ads on a requested web page.

  • 2

    i2 blocks all detected ads.

  • 3

    i2 displays ads matching users preferences.

download For Windows 7 and later