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Join the web revolution and boost sales with in-Browser advertising!

  • Our users are interested in YOUR ads. We display ads that match our
    user’s known interests.
  • All our users are real. We verify each user via a payment system.
    Thus, our targeting is 99.9% precise.
  • All our users are PayPal account holders.
  • Our users are advanced Internet users, regular online shoppers, etc.
  • Would you like to see your ads displayed on TOP internet sites?
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How it works.

  1. i2 detects and blocks all ads on each and every web page. Your ads will be placed instead.

  2. Our users receive $$$ reward via PayPal for each ad they see.

  • i2 detects and blocks ads

  • i2 displays ads matching
    user’s preferences

Why choose us?

i2 is a revolution in web advertising:

  1. No bots / wrongful clicks. Our advanced monitoring system excludes all the fraud.

  2. Clear and powerful advertiser settings.

  3. Advanced targeting. We have more anonymous targeting information about our users, compared to any rival advertisement systems.

  4. Advanced campaign statistics. Monitor your campaign performance or even the effectiveness of your single ads.

How to start
advertising with i2?

  1. Create advertisement campaign. Add banners. Select your target audience, including interests, age, geo and other parameters.

  2. Add funds. Lot’s of payment options available.

  3. Start getting new clients, boost your sales, etc! Monitor all the essential stats in real time!